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Ideas for a breadcrumb navigation

By John ~ Monday, 12 November 2012

Since the very start of the Rationalist Association project we’ve been sketching ideas for a simple, responsive nav and nothing so far has hit the mark. It’s all adjusted too much on screen resize or taken up too much screen space for the job it was doing.

The other challenge is there are so many potential sections, some of which we’re yet to think of, that anything approaching a ‘traditional’ navigation bar wasn’t going to cut it for very long so with a firm nod to the gov.uk website we started exploring ways to make a breadcrumb work harder.

The end result, yet to be tested, is a breadcrumb that incorporates the logo as part of its make up and the section heading if you are on a section’s ‘homepage’

Heading based breadcrumb

The hope, and it is just a hope at this point, is we make it very clear that the breadcrumb is a good starting point to finding your way around the site, especially as the data suggests the majority of people enter the site at the individual article level.

Breadcrumb on article page

Anyhoo, I am quite pleased with it so far. The actual design needs some refining yet but that will happen in the browser.