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Kitchen Notes: A tale of Tiffin, a lunch box adventure

By John ~ Saturday, 06 December 2014

As a result of many experiments with the children’s lunch boxes we’ve ended up with a pile of different receptacles to try and solve various problems but we’ve stumbled across one solution that we’d probably use ourselves if we had to travel to work.

We’ve got them all, Sistema lunch boxes to try and stop the constant, frantic and ultimately doomed search for the correct combination of tupperware tub and lid.  Luckies reusable brown paper bags to avoid the utterly devastating and life ending embarrassment of our resident teenager having to take an actual lunch box to school. Thermos Food Jars in an attempt to send left over spaghetti bolognese, stews and soups for a warm lunch during the winter and even a super stylish, jet black Grunwerg Food Pod to try and solve the teenage fashion versus hot lunch logistics problem. All of them are perfectly good lunch boxes and we use them regularly, well with the exception of the Grunwerg Food Pod, which whilst acceptably fashionable, doesn’t factor in that, apparently, lunch is taken whilst walking around school with mates. I remain determined to find a warm meal that can be eaten whilst walking.

Not one of them though is quite as good as the Tiffin Boxes.

It was a Top Gear India special, in which our trio of cheeky, loveable middle-aged men, take on the efficiency of the Dabbawalas with hilarious results (oh how we chortled, oh how we laughed), that prompted Mrs OK to search the interwebs for Tiffin Tins and lo and behold up came the Indian-Tiffin company. After a bit of discussion of possible uses if they didn’t work well as lunch boxes (they’re not cheap!) we decided to give the small 4 tier versions a go.

In short, they are brilliant, well made and seem to endure both the trips to school in bags and the regular cycles through the dishwasher. The children love them and they work just as well for the standard sandwich, fruit, crisps type of lunch as they do for the more aspirational moments. Cheese boards, ploughman’s lunches, quiche and salad, Tapas, fruit salads, bagels, even a poached salmon salad with new potatoes and lemon mayonnaise have made their way to school in these wonderful little tins. I’ve no doubt all of these things can be transported in standard lunch boxes but there’s something about Tiffins that inspire me to think a bit differently. My middle child tells me her friend timed her and she can reassemble one in three seconds flat, so they’re fun too.

And the teenager? Well no, they’re not cutting it for him and he sticks to his brown paper bag… but maybe, one day.