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Choosing what to invest time in

By John ~ Monday, 20 May 2013

Like every tiny business, we struggle with time. We’re always going to opt to spend time on paid work over everything else. For the last year or so we’ve been coasting in a lot of ways, relying on connections we have and a little bit of luck to bring in projects to keep us going and we’ve completely neglected the site you’re reading this on. That was a mistake, quite a big one as it turns out, and one we’re working very hard to rectify at the moment.

Alongside just getting a ‘good enough’ portfolio site up we know we have to get out there in the world and try and draw a little bit of attention to our services.

A conversation on Twitter today is the reason I am sharing where we’ve got to with the social network bit of that.

To begin working out which social networks to invest any time in is a pretty simple formula for me really. What will help us do a better job even if we go completely unnoticed on that network? Any other approach is just hubris.

So, we’ve picked Dribbble as one because it creates a timeline of visual notes. Alongside its ability to pop things in buckets it’s a handy reminder of what happened when.

At what point did I come up with that idea for a logo/breadcrumb combination for Rationalist Association? Roughly November 12th 2012. When I come to writing the case study for that project it’ll serve as a good reminder and, as a bonus, also gives me a date should I need to look back at all the emails for that project at around that time.

Same goes for Twitter really. We’re not entirely sure what we want to do with @mrandmrsok but I do know I bookmark a lot of stuff and share it all with Rach, so it could be quite handy for us to have a place to refer to on a daily basis. Why not share it publicly rather than just sharing links via instant messaging in-house.

Not very sophisticated and I am sure should an overly caffeinated Social Media Guru trip over into this post they will surely choke on their Skinny Latte Fuckoffachino but it’s a start and better than nothing, which, as I said, was a big mistake.