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Jekyll, GitHub and Prose

By John ~ Thursday, 06 February 2014

As if to test my own opinions when choosing the technology stack we had chosen to push to use Kirby to build the new Historic Futures website. However, HF’s Technical Director James Webster asked us to consider a Jekyll and GitHub combo. Always keen to learn something new we agreed to give it a whirl.

Whilst doing some research I came across Prose which is a fledgling CMS style user interface for GitHub that offers neat things like a WYSIWYG bar for Markdown.

If you’re familiar with any CMS, I’d say this is definitely worth investigating for smaller projects and setting up Jekyll to run locally on the Mac was easy peasy. Rach and I collaborate heavily on time sensitive stuff like this and this whole set up was perfect, with the client updating content as we went and able to see progress on every push.

We will definitely be using this again, seems like a fantastic prototyping environment too.


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