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Kitchen Note: Pork chops with roasted veg and spaghetti in lemon sauce

By John ~ Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fresh from my success with a vegetable loaded sausage casserole I put together a similar dish with pork chops but changed things around a bit. It was another hit, it turns out that the children really quite like Proven├žal vegetables.

I put the pork and veggies together the night before and took the whole thing out of the fridge a couple of hours before dinner time.

I griddled the pork chops quite heavily for colour but didn’t cook them through and popped at the bottom of a decent sized roasting tray.

For the veggies, I sliced up:

  • Red onion,
  • Aubergine,
  • Courgette,
  • Fennel,
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots

The veggies I griddled also to give plenty of colour and get them pretty much cooked. I chucked some cherry tomatoes on the griddle after that to mush them down a bit and char the skins. The whole lot was chucked on top of the chops. Cooled down quickly and chucked in the fridge.

To finish this off on the day I turned the oven up full and blasted it for 20-30 mins, throwing some grated parmesan over the top to cook out for the last few minutes.

Spaghetti with lemon cream sauce

Gremolata is probably my very favourite thing to sprinkle over dishes but it’s a bit labour intensive for school nights so instead I boiled up a little bit of double cream with a good slug of water, a little sea salt, the juice of a lemon, a teeny bit of black pepper and 3 cloves of roughly chopped garlic. Once that had simmered for a couple of minutes I added small cooked florets of broccoli and enough cooked wholemeal spaghetti for 5 and simmer and stirred for a few more minutes, throwing a good handful of coarsely chopped flat leaf parsley at the end.

If you’ve ever combined children and spaghetti with a sauce you’ll know the mess that is sure to follow. To try and help this I’ve taken to using scissors to quickly chop through the spaghetti and make it a little more manageable on the nights I can’t be bothered to deal with the washing, cleaning and redecorating that follows a ‘proper’ spaghetti night.

The left overs we’ll be eating for lunch tomorrow but there are too many veggies so I’ve chucked a good few portions of those in the freezer to go in a pasta sauce another day.