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Rationalist Association notes: Responsive design

By John ~ Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The text is too big! Has been something of a reaction to the Rationalist Association site. To which my head quietly replies, stop hunching over your desk, grab a cuppa, sit back, relax, and try that big text out now.

The main challenge of responsive design for this project, and one that is incomplete given the limitations we are faced with, has been typography.

We’ve relied heavily on a modular scale and, quite frankly, wouldn’t have got anywhere near as close as quickly without pairing that scale with Gridset. So far we haven’t really dived into anywhere near the detail I would like with the typography but have spent some time looking at the line lengths of articles. I don’t mind telling you that it has been enormously challenging. Even with the half a dozen or so devices we have to hand working out appropriate break points, well, I am not sure we have worked them all out yet. In fact it seems futile to try. Which leads to the main thought about responsive and this project.

Things will get more complex as we add features and I’ll have to let go of this oversimplistic approach at some point but for these first few ‘beta’ releases, I ditched the notion of mobile, tablet and desktop and started thinking of the site as simply a good old fashioned fluid design with media queries there only if things started to break as the screen got narrower, taller, wider etc.