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Rationalist Association notes: The team

By John ~ Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I’ve been attempting to write something concise about the Rationalist Association for some weeks and it’s not happening. Prompted by a writer friend I’ve decided to start by breaking it down into little chunks. Part one then, the team.

That the team is tiny and part-time is probably the most important consideration for this project. There are essentially just three of us at the coal face with others chipping in where and when they can. Rach (Mrs OK) has made significant contributions too, particularly on the setting up of Google Analytics, the grid and in answering my frequent calls of, ‘That looks really hard, can you do that?’ but has had to drop out when other work demanded.

I am wearing many hats: Designer, front-end developer, [agile] project manager, content strategist, researcher, workshop facilitator, hater of Internet Explorer. Julian at Simplicity Web is focussed on the custom CMS we are building, release management and wrangling with a third party to try and get a membership checkout in place (I don’t envy him this task) and also pops on his front-end developer hat when he can see me about to burst. Caspar, CEO and Editor, is doing all the many other things that are needed to make this happen at all, that and running the charity and editing the magazine and getting the content in the first place… you get the idea.

So no, not an ideal situation but the atmosphere in the team is exceptionally good, I’d dare say ideal.

In fact the combination of using agile and the limitations of time, team and budget has it plus sides. We always choose to launch rather than hold it back and wait until it’s perfect.

During the early phase of the project we generated enough user stories to keep us going for about 5 years and I think that roughly sums it up for me; I’m pleased with where we’ve got to so far but there is loads to do.