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The new Mr & Mrs OK logo

By Rach ~ Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Our logo has been a long time in the gestation. As usual, designing for ourselves was the most difficult project, but we have finally settled on the latest iteration.

Below are some previous logo iterations which never (or only partially) saw the light of day:

Previous logo iterations

On top of that there are pages and pages of sketch books full of quick doodles and variations on a theme.

We wanted to incorporate a hot air balloon into the logo, well partly because I’m a bit obsessed with the look of them - they are that bit old fashioned and whimsical without being too twee - and they have a lovely soaring association, good for representing ideas and thoughts. Part of the challenge was working a balloon in without losing the impact of the “OK”.

Anyway, there are a few work in progress shots on Dribbble if you’d like to see a bit more.