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The problem with WordPress

By John ~ Thursday, 16 January 2014

I once found myself in the position (towards the end of a project) of being told that my motivations were driven simply by the fact that I, for some reason unknown, disliked WordPress. I defended this by asking if the person making the statement could provide a list of reasons why WordPress would have been the right choice for the project, in the same way I had provided a list of reasons why we shouldn’t at the start of the project. In case you are wondering, my primary reason was that there was already an excellent developer at hand who’d been working on the project for many many years and had a custom built CMS that he’d been developing around the company’s workflow, ready to be adapted to suit the project we were undertaking. You don’t throw away that kind of work and that kind of relationship.

For the record, I do not dislike WordPress, not at all. I like it very much in fact. I also like Kirby CMS and many others.

The problem with WordPress is not with the platform itself but in using the word WordPress as a shortcut for what you are really asking for, something on the cheap.

Yes, WordPress can save you time. Yes, it can cut development costs but for a serious project with some gnarly problems it is not by any means a magic wand. Unless you are yourself a WordPress specialist (a strong reason why you might choose it) you will still need the help and support of a competent WordPress developer. You will still need that good, solid, reliable and trustworthy relationship with the people designing and building your website.

I agree wholeheartedly that exploring WordPress as an option at the beginning of a project makes absolute sense but starting with it as an absolute must, without good solid reasons, and expecting that by choosing WordPress you can deliver a professional project with little or no help from people who have the expertise is a mistake.

Start with the problems and choose the technology stack to solve them, not the other way around.