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Wolf or Human?

By John ~ Thursday, 22 January 2015

My 10 year old daughter came home today, sat at my typewriter and rewrote the story she’d written at school on the theme of Little Red Riding Hood told from the wolf’s perspective. Now, I am sure I am being something of an overly proud parent here but what she wrote, the way she wrote it, blew me away…

Wolf or Human?

As I awoke from my cold sleep, I felt a tingling inside that I soon found was hunger.

I had a craving for flesh and blood. As soon as I was awake I would go hunting. I looked around my lair to see if I had anything to eat, to keep me going for the long hunt ahead.

As I was slyly walking out of my lair, I suddenly saw something red. Maybe, I thought, it was flesh to devour and blood to heal my thirst. What could it be? I said to myself. Maybe it was that Little Red Riding Hood people are always talking about. They say that, “You could just eat her up, that is how sweet she is.” Maybe, just maybe, that is what I will do.

She is headed to Granny Mathif’s house. As soon as I knew it I had followed Little Red all the up to Granny Mathif’s. Well, I hadn’t really followed her all the way because I had overtaken her.

When I was up against the cottage, I took a peep through the window and there in her bed was Granny Mathif.

I would have to disguise myself as the Granny because I wasn’t going to eat that old oaf, her flesh would be too dry and her blood would have been sour.

So there I was getting into the Granny’s clothes when there was a sudden knock at the door. The door slowly creeped open and in came Little Red. She was shocked when she saw me there. “What are you doing here?”, she said in a rather shaken voice. “I came to get a snack but luckily for me it has just arrived…”